RARIS – Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia

Founders of RARIS:

  • Municipalities of Majdanpek, Kladovo, Bor, Knjaževac, Boljevac, Negotin and Sokobanja, the City of Zaječar,
  • Regional Chamber of Commerce Zaječar,
  • Strabag d.o.o.,
  • NGO “The Timok Club”,
  • Faculty of Management Zaječar

Objective of RARIS is to support development initiatives based on institutional networking and partnerships aiming at sustainable development of Eastern Serbia.

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Reconstruction of parking lots - resting places for cyclers on the EuroVelo 6 through the municipality of Majdanpek soon to be started

In Zajecar on the 23rd of May, the cooperation between the municipality of Majdanpek, Public Company “Roads of Serbia” and RARIS on better regulation and maintenance of parking lots - rest areas along the Danube cycling route EuroVelo 6 is established.

Municipality of Majdanpek, Public Company “Roads of Serbia” and RARIS agreed on mutual cooperation because they believe that the planning and regular maintenance of the parking lots - rest areas along the Danube cycling route - EuroVelo 6 is of the great importance for a growing number of cyclists who travels on this route, as well as for residents and all guests of Majdanpek and the entire region.

On this occasion, the Protocol on cooperation on the maintenance of municipal waste on the parking lots - rest areas in the municipality of Majdanpek between the Public Company “Roads of Serbia” and the Public Utility Company "Donji Milanovac" was signed. According to this Protocol Public Company “Roads of Serbia” will arrange five parking lots - resting areas on the state road B 34 and will set the appropriate waste bins, while the PUC "Donji Milanovac" will be in charge for regular collection and treatment of the waste.

At the same time, the municipality of Majdanpek and RARIS submitted the request to the Public Company “Roads of Serbia” to renovate the set eaves (table + benches), bicycle racks and to install tourist maps (info tables) on the five rest areas. RARIS, in cooperation with the Tourist Organization of Majdanpek, will prepare the design of a tourist maps with all the necessary information for tourists.