About the project "Carpathians Connects"

The Carpathians, one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, are spreading through the cross-border area of Serbia and Romania in the southern part. Natural beauty, rich cultural and historical heritage, the possibility for enjoying winter sports are part of the potential that this area has. 

Project objective

The overall project objective is to support development of local tourism businesses and sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage by providing framework, guidelines and trainings for new touristic product of cross-border mountain tourism.

Project results

  1. Increased capacity for sustainable development of mountain tourism stakeholders by organizing trainings on introducing sustainable mountain tourism and identifying cross-border projects for sustainable mountain tourism.
  2. Introduced cross-border sustainable mountain tourism as a new touristic product contributing to sustainable use of natural resources through:
  • Elaboration of research „State of the art of mountain tourism in RO-SER Carpathian cross-border area“;
  • Elaboration of „Study on development of sustainable mountain tourism in RO-SER Carpathian cross-border area”;
  • Elaboration of Manual „Identifying cross-border projects on sustainable mountain tourism initiatives“
  1. The establishment cross-border partnership for exchange of practises and for implementation of joint initiatives by “Stakeholder’s cross-border network on Mountain tourism development”.

Project Target Groups

  • Business sector dealing with tourism in Romanian-Serbian Carpathian cross-border area,
  • Public authority representatives,
  • Institutions and organisations operating in the field of environment and tourism,
  • Professionals dealing with sustainable tourism and related sectors,
  • Inhabitants of the cross-border area with age between 20-59 years.

Project partners:

Lead partner: Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia – RARIS

Partner: Romanian Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation – Mehedinti Subsidiary – AROTT.

For more information, please visit: http://carpathiansconnects.com


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Project priority
 Attractiveness for sustainable tourism





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