RARIS – Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia

Founders of RARIS:

  • Municipalities of Majdanpek, Kladovo, Bor, Knjaževac, Boljevac, Negotin and Sokobanja, the City of Zaječar,
  • Regional Chamber of Commerce Zaječar,
  • Strabag d.o.o.,
  • NGO “The Timok Club”,
  • Faculty of Management Zaječar

Objective of RARIS is to support development initiatives based on institutional networking and partnerships aiming at sustainable development of Eastern Serbia.

BALCANICA SUPERIOR - Regional brand of eastern Serbia


A competition for the design of the logo of regional brand of Eastern Serbia "Balcanica Superior" is announced

RARIS - Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia announced a competition for the design of the logo for regional brand of Eastern Serbia "Balcanica Superior".

Be creative and imaginative and win valuable prize - 30,000 dinars. The deadline for submission of proposals is 22nd of June 2017.

Logo of brand "Balcanica Superior" should be a simple, recognizable and should merge, illustrate and highlight the most significant characteristics of the regional brand and to be suitable for the labelling of services or products.

The full text of the competition can be found HERE.



At the end of the year 2016 RARIS - Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia launched a series of activities aimed to establish a regional brand of Eastern Serbia, which will be used to denote products and services in our region. The aim of Regional brand of Eastern Serbia, is to make possible for the consumers and tourists to know that by buying local products and using local services they contribute to the development of economy and tourism in Eastern Serbia. By marking the products and services with the regional brand, information to the customers is transmitted that products/services fulfils the certain level of quality and that the product/service originate from a particular area. Regional brand, in visual terms, is the stamp (mark) consisting of the name and graphic with whom the product is marked.

The main advantages of branding are:

  • Differentiation of manufacturers and service providers from the Eastern Serbia from manufacturers and service providers from competing regions;
  • Significantly higher visibility of branded products and services;
  • Better promotion of producers or service providers with minimal additional costs;
  • Benefit from the publicity which will the regional brand have;
  • The growth of demand for products and services from the region, in response to the globalization of production and supply;
  • Better cooperation with large retail chains and the possibility of selling through specialized stores, or clearly marked sections in major retail stores...

Bearing in mind the markets for the products and services from Eastern Serbia, the existing reputation and demand for products and services, and to what extent there is a link of consumers with the region (emigrants, tourists, etc.), which consumers are willing to pay the price for regional products, it is recommended that the first phase of branding include the following products / services:

  • Accommodation services in tourism (hotels, motels, households in rural tourism, mountain lodges ...)
  • Preparation and serving of food and drinks in tourism (restaurants, fast food restaurants, cafes, bars ...)
  • Manufacture of food and beverages (industrial processing of fruit, vegetables, meat, confectionery, wine, spirits, cheese and dairy products, etc.)
  • The production of other industrial and craft products that can have a clear regional character (eg. Wood products, etc.).

In the first half of this year, RARIS has conducted a strong media campaign for the promotion of activities related to the establishment of a regional brand. On 11th of January a presentation of the regional brand was organized in order to present the concept to municipalities, tourist officials and companies from our region.

The day after the event, RARIS has announced a competition for the name of a regional brand. Information on competition was submitted to the local and regional media and was published in more than 20 media (radio and TV stations, online portals, etc.). During the campaign, information on competition, was distributed twice to the media. Each time it was followed by publishing the submitted proposals on the RARIS website. Our team has published its own 20 proposal on the website in order to help the people to get an idea of ​​the possible names of the brand and to initiate them to give proposals.

RARIS has maximally used social networks for campaign. Facebook has released three sponsored adds (2 which mainly covered Belgrade and one that mainly covered eastern Serbia). The result of this campaign was that the information about the competition on social networks was seen by nearly 55,000 people, and the RARIS web page with information on the competition was visited by 3,300 people.

Information about the competition was published on all the local and regional media and internet portals. As a result, RARIS has received 229 proposals and that the regional brand became a topic about people are speaking.

The Commission has decided that brand name will be “BALCANICA SUPERIOR”. Commission’s explanation you can read HERE.

In the process of establishment of the brand, you can expect the public call for brand’s logo very soon.



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