RARIS – Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia

Founders of RARIS:

  • Municipalities of Majdanpek, Kladovo, Bor, Knjaževac, Boljevac, Negotin and Sokobanja, the City of Zaječar,
  • Regional Chamber of Commerce Zaječar,
  • Strabag d.o.o.,
  • NGO “The Timok Club”,
  • Faculty of Management Zaječar

Objective of RARIS is to support development initiatives based on institutional networking and partnerships aiming at sustainable development of Eastern Serbia.

SME Support – Small and Medium Size Enterprises and Entrepreneureship


You are at the part of the site dedicated to all those who are engaged in private businesses, or think that way. Since its foundation, RARIS has paid a special attention, and devoted a large part of its activities to the SME sector. Its aim is its strengthening and improvement. In addition to forwarding relevant information, promotional meetings and public appearances, trainings in various fields, advisory services have been provided for potential and existing entrepreneurs. Going through the options with the sign „SME“ you will be able to get information on important items regarding business, to adopt or check your knowledge to connect with the relevant institutions and partners.

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