The official request for protection of the regional brand of eastern Serbia “Balcanica Superior” is submitted

On January the 9th, RARIS has officially submitted a request for the protection of the trademark "Balcanica Superior" to the Intellectual Property Office. The regional brand "Balcanica Superior" aims to make consumers and tourists aware that by purchasing the local products and by the use of local services they contribute to the development of Serbia's economy and tourism.

"Balcanica Superior" will be referred to services providing accommodation and food preparation in tourism and products which have a clear regional character and who fulfil the defined criteria.

We remind that the name of the regional brand was selected on the prize competition between the 229 proposed names, while the logo / sign, the work of Slovenian design studio "Felician Sedmak doo", was select on the prize competition between 134 designers.

The logo “Balcanica Superior” is a trademark protected by the Intellectual Property Office and it will be used by companies and entrepreneurs to designate their products and services, all under the supervision of the trademark holder - RARIS and under the conditions to be defined by the contract. The "Balcanica Superior" trademark will inform the customers that product or service is of a certain degree of quality and that the product/service originates from the territory of eastern Serbia. The regional brand "Balcanica Superior" will be used for accommodation and food preparation services in tourism (hotels, motels, rural households, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.) and for products that have a clear regional character and which fulfill the defined criteria.

The logo of the regional brand of Eastern Serbia “Balcanica Superior” is selected

Competition for the logo design of the regional brand of eastern Serbia “Balcanica Superior”is officially over. During the competition RARIS has guided intensive campaign and only on Facebook, more than 100.000 people was reached. For the competition, we received 227 proposals from 134 contestants. The commission has selected work of Slovenian design studio “Felician Sedmak” from Ljubljana for the regional brand’s logo:

You can read the commission's explanation HERE.

Based on the ancient motifs and national patterns, the main graphic element embodies the spirit of Eastern Serbia. Carefully designed with sound proportions and meticulous precision, it represents the fine balance between traditional pattern design and modern branding implementation.

Further manipulation of this pattern originally inspired by the ancient Slavic and Vlachian embroidery works allowed a perceptive implementation of Balcanica Superior initials ‘B’ and ’S’ into shape for greater utilization of identity within the artwork.

Balcanica Superior logotype design consists of two crucial components — the graphic symbol and typographic constituent. Both have been designed with great attention to correlate one to each other and to form a cohesive visual unity of the entire graphic mark.

The typography part of the Balcanica Superior logotype incorporates a softer yet convincing character based on classic Roman square capitals. This perfectly corresponds with its Roman-based name and to a degree with eastern Serbia connection to Roman antiquity and history.

Another classic component of Balcanica Superior identity is its color scheme. Passionate red and reliable grey form a solid union. Both tones reflecting the region’s and country’s natural and cultural legacy.

The author’s statement can be seen HERE

Soon RARIS will submit the request within National Intellectual Property Office in order to ensure legal protection of the logo “Balcanica Superior”

Thanks to the all who took part and have sent the propositions.

Special acknowledgement from the Commission goes to Dunja Jovanović from Šabac and to Branislav Marković from Novi Sad who entered the final selection.




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