Introduction to the Slovenian experiences in local economic development

Representatives of eight local governments from Eastern Serbia visited the Pomurije Region, Slovenia in the course of four day study tour, on the beginning of July 2017. On that occasion, the Eastern Serbia representatives were given details about the experiences and role of local authorities in rural Slovenia, and local and regional development, for their implementation in Eastern Serbia.

During the visit, Eatern Serbia regional representatives were acquainted with the regional water supply projects, regional center for municipal waste management, development of spa and wellness tourism, as well as several projects in rural development, social entrepreneurship, business development in rural areas, rural tourism, etc.

Special attention was paid to Slovenian experiences with the use of EU funds.

In the course of the visit, several meetings with representatives of municipalities and other organizations from the Pomurje region were held, and concrete steps to further cooperation were agreed on. The study visit was also joined by representatives of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, the Office for European Integration, and Development Agency of Serbia besides representatives from the eight local governments from Eastern Serbia.

The study visit was organized by Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia – RARIS, supported by GIZ-KWD Project (Local Economic Development in Eastern Serbia).

Return visit to the municipalities of Pomurje is expected in February 2017.




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