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The rural household, besides agriculture, can have a number of other activities, and one of the most attractive ways to earn additional income is rural tourism. The project " Regional platform for the support of rural tourism " is focused on categorized rural households, as well as on those who are about to enter rural tourism businesss, and is designed to provide all necessary knowledge and practical advices on how to comply with the legal procedures in order to bring guests from all over the world to the village, to meet new people, to share all the benefits of living in a natural environment with them, and, finally, to earn on this.

The goal of the project is to support the growth and diversification of the rural economy in eastern Serbia by building capacity for rural tourism development. The realization of the project will strengthen the human capital of the rural population for active rural tourism and create a sustainable mechanism for supporting rural tourism by local self-governments and tourism organizations.

Within the project, a series of trainings for households in rural tourism was held, and a training manual was prepared, with practical advices and recommendations for rural tourism.


Summary of the project

The title of the Project

Regional platform for the support of rural tourism

Lead partner

RARIS - Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia


Partners on the project are:

  • Local governments from the region of eastern Serbia and their local economic development offices
  • Tourist organizations of the municipalities of eastern Serbia.

Target groups

Target groups of the Project are:

  • Socially vulnerable residents of rural areas in eastern Serbia
  • Households and agricultural producers engaged in rural tourism in eastern Serbia
  • Households that have the potential to deal with rural tourism
  • Organizations and institutions for the support of the development of rural tourism from eastern Serbia
  • Municipalities of Eastern Serbia


  1. Preparation of the Manual for rural tourism
  2. Realization of training for households in rural tourism
  3. Realization of training for local self-governments and tourist organizations
  4. Creating a regional platform for supporting rural tourism

Download Manual "Practical Advices and Recommendations for Rural Tourism ":







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