RARIS – Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia

Founders of RARIS:

  • Municipalities of Majdanpek, Kladovo, Bor, Knjaževac, Boljevac, Negotin and Sokobanja, the City of Zaječar,
  • Regional Chamber of Commerce Zaječar,
  • Strabag d.o.o.,
  • NGO “The Timok Club”,
  • Faculty of Management Zaječar

Objective of RARIS is to support development initiatives based on institutional networking and partnerships aiming at sustainable development of Eastern Serbia.


In the period from 12th of  January to 12th of February this year, RARIS conducted a competition for the selection of the name of regional brand of Eastern Serbia and a strong media campaign to promote activities related to the establishment of a regional brand. The campaign, only through the Facebook, gained attention of more than 52,000 people and the competition has received 229 proposals submitted by 134 participants.

At today's presentation of the brand´s name, which RARIS has organized in the premises of Radul Beg Konak in Zajecar, representatives of RARIS said that the Commission chose "Balcanica Superior" as the name for the brand.

The new name, in addition to geographic association also has a historical connotations on the region which has a roots from the Roman period, as well as pointing out to the specific quality of the products and services that will be branded.

Interesting thing about this competition is that the author of the winning proposal wanted to remain anonymous, so the Commission decided that the fund for the first prize will be shared by the 16 most creative proposals, whose authors received a box of "Džervin" wine.

In addition to presentation of the branding process and introduction of the new brand´s name, by Vladan Jeremić, director of RARIS and Dragan Milutinović, the project manager, the wine tasting of "Džervin" company from Knjaževac, which was the main sponsor of the awards, was organized.

As announced today, soon we expect the public competition for the preliminary design of the brand logo with attractive prizes.