Organizational structure

RARIS is a Limited Liability Company, without profit sharing with its founders, found under Serbian law. The Assembly is made to include all sectors of public life, i.e. government, business, the academy, and civil society. All founders have proportional number of votes, according to their contribution, in RARIS Assembly.

RARIS founders are:

  • Cities of Zajecar and Bor,
  • Municipalities of Majdanpek, Kladovo, Knjazevac, Boljevac, Negotin and Sokobanja,
  • Regional Chamber of Commerce Zajecar
  • Strabag d.o.o.,
  • OCD ''Timok club'', Knjazevac
  • Faculty of management Zajecar

RARIS has a small team made up of people with extensive experience in similar jobs, with a wide range of knowledge that will enable covering different programs. RARIS coordinate their activities with the founders through regular contact with municipal offices for local economic development. RARIS has excellent cooperation with several ministries, national institutions and organizations. 

Local governments of Timok region have agreed to pay an annual fee to the operational costs.

Resource ministries also contribute to certain services that RARIS realized.

- Services against fees -
A part of revenue is also raised through the provision of fee-based services to businesses and other customers. These services include training and technical assistance, the compilation of reports from RDA-RARIS databases, and similar services.

- Other contributions -
Other founders beside municipalities and Central government are paying annually membership fee.

RARIS - Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia is accredited by the National Agency for Regional Development, Decision No. 119/11, issued on May 4th 2011.




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