The initiative for the establishment of the Technology Park in Bor was launched

Municipality of Bor and RARIS have launched the initiative to establish a Technology Park, aware of the fact that Eastern Serbia needs the development of specific economic support services (and above all to SMEs) as well as scientific-research institutions in the region.

The initial meeting was held in Bor on 25th October. At the meeting, an agreement was reached to start the process of establishing the Technology Park and to form a regional working group that will bring together all interested parties. All higher education and scientific educational institutions, as well as all local self-governments from Bor and Zajecar District, Ministry of Economy, Minister without Portfolio in charge of Innovation, Public Investment Office, RAS, PKS and RTB were invited to the working group.

The intention of the Municipality of Bor and RARIS is to establish the Technology Park as a central place for the transfer of knowledge and new technologies in eastern Serbia.

Bor Municipality and Eastern Serbia meet the basic preconditions for establishing the Technology Park:

- it has enough professional potential, or we have an environment in which there is a critical mass of knowledge of new technologies

- there are resources to develop business activities based on new technologies.

In the further process, research on the needs of the economy and scientific-research organizations will first be carried out. This research should cover not only Bor and Eastern Serbia, but entire Serbia, as well as the nearest neighbor countries.

Based on this, services, model of founding, organization and financing will be defined, and then adequate space and necessary infrastructure will be provided.




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