Support tourism workers in rural tourismin in Eastern Serbia

In order to provide timely information and professional help for tourism workers of Kladovo, with joint initiative, a cooperation of RARIS, Department of Tourism Inspection Niš and the Tourist Organization of Kladovo were established. The result of such cooperation was the joint meeting that three institutions held with tourism workers from Kladovo municipality on April 27th 2017.

On the meeting, in which more than 30 tourist workers from Kladovo participated, the requirements and standards of practice for conducting business in rural tourism were presented. Positive legislation relating to the tourism industry, domestic and foreign sources of funding for tourism business are presented also. Tourism organization of Kladovo presented the activities and measures for supporting tourism entrepreneurs.

At the beginning of the meeting, the participants were welcomed by the Mayor of Kladovo Mr. Radoslav Čučulanović, who expressed the support of local governments for cooperation in the field of tourism, as one of the priority areas of development of the municipality.

With the same goal meeting was held on May 2017 in the village of Rgošte, the municipality of Knjaževac. Meeting atend more than 20 tourist workers. In addition to standard topics within the jurisdiction of the tourist inspection, the participants were presented the actual invitations and announcements for co-financing the tourism industry, the establishment of a regional brand of Eastern Serbia and measures to support tourism organization Knjaževac its entrepreneurs

Both meetings were held in interactive work with a large number of questions and answers relating to regular business in tourism and opportunities for its development and improvement.

RARIS and the Department of Tourism Inspection Niš will continue with cooperation and similar meetings in several municipalities in Eastern Serbia will be organized. 





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