Dutch experts help companies in the Timok region

RARIS, in cooperation with the Netherlands Senior Experts Programme (PUM) provides assistance of Dutch experts for a number of companies in the Timok region.

The Company "ALMAG", Kladovo, and the hotel ALBO,Bor, have been recently provided with such assistance. Being supported by RARIS, ALMAG applied for the PUM expert for optimal organization of production. Less than three months after the application submission, the Dutch expert Dieter Olierook started his two-week engagement in ALMAG. During his engagement in Almag, he did a complete analysis of the cash flow and organization of the whole enterprise. On the basis of the analysis a structure of responsibilities was defined. He pointed out the working positions where number of executors is to be increased and the positions where number of executors is to be reduced. Also, he did a standardization of engagement and responsibility of the middle-level management. Being satisfied with the help received, the ALMAG management is going to apply for assistance of another senior expert.

The Hotel ALBO, Bor, had one week long on job consulting support provided by the PUM expert Ida Jongsma. Mrs Jongsma helped the hotel management effectively to overcome some shortcomings in the organization of the hotel accommodation capacities.

PUM has already provided an expert for a company located in Knjaževac. The expert will arrive in April. There are two more applications waiting to be approved.

Netherlands Senior Experts Program (PUM) is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs aimed at sharing free of charge Dutch expertise and providing management assistance to private sector companies all around the world. A local company that hosts the expert has the obligation only to provide food and lodging for the expert. All his other expenses are covered by the PUM program.

RARIS can help other companies in the Region interested to get a similar kind of assistance. For that purpose, the companies need only to contact RARIS.




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