Presentation of the Strategy for operations of World Bank Group in Serbia

On the Second of April 2015 in Zajecar, RARIS and the office of World Bank Group in Serbia organized a presentation of the new strategy for operations of World Bank Group in Serbia. The presentation was attended by the representatives of local self-governments, NGO sector, businesses and faculties from all eight municipalities of Eastern Serbia as well as the representatives of GIZ-KWD project.

The purpose of the presentation was to present to this part of Serbia a draft version of "An analysis of the situation in Serbia and future five-year plan of activities of World Bank Group in Serbia " and to have consultations on this important document through discussions.

The presented study focused on three areas: economic growth, standard of living and sustainability. Specially analysed were prime movers and limiting factors of growth in Serbia, in order that wider population benefits from growth and what can impede the sustainability of economic development.

New strategy of World Bank Group has been harmonized with the objectives defined by our country and these are:
  • Competitive economy and fiscally sustainable public sector
  • Inclusive economic growth

Representatives from the region put forward a number of useful suggestions on the draft version of the document from the standpoint of the needs of eastern Serbia.




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