Info day "Eastern Serbia on its path towards the EU"

RARIS - Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia with the help of the Fund for Open Society, Belgrade, and in cooperation with the EU Info Centre, Belgrade, organized Info Day and presented the project "Eastern Serbia on its path towards the EU." The Info day was held at the Faculty of Management, Zajecar. It was attended by large number of students and secondary school pupils from Eastern Serbia.

The young people from the Region was presented the EU accession process and its challenges by:

  • Nataša Dragojlović, coordinator of the National Convent on the EU
  • Ivan Knežević, Deputy Secretary General of the European Movement in Serbia
  • Vladan Jeremić, a member of Team Europe and director of RARIS - Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia

Accession to the EU brings not only new opportunities, but potential challenges in certain sectors and activities, as well as for citizens themselves. These changes are related to working conditions and operations. No participation, lack of interest and ignorance of the accession process could be a potential problem for the future development of the entire region. That is why RARIS launched a regional initiative "Eastern Serbia towards the EU" to allow citizens in Eastern Serbia to be fully informed on the negotiation process, to take an active part in it and use the process of Serbia's accession to the EU in the best way.

RARIS has formed "Regional platform of the EU" as a mechanism for formulating attitudes, interests and criticism of local actors related to the accession process and the interests of the Region. More than 40 representatives of civil society organizations, professional associations, local development institutions, regional development institutions, SMEs and their associations, local authorities and media from Bor and Zajecar districts are members of the Regional EU platform. More information on regional platform view on

All interested parties were invited to contribute to formation of recommendations from the region by providing their suggestions and participation in work of the Regional EU platform and working groups for the environment and agriculture and rural development.




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