RARIS invites Civil Society Organizations to take part in the project "Support to CSOs in Eastern Serbia on the road to EU"

RARIS supported by TACSO office in Serbia has started implementation of the project "Support to Civil Society Organizations in Eastern Serbia on the road to EU". TACSO (The Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations) is a part of Civil Society Facility (CSF), which is a European Union (EU) mechanism that provides support to civil society organisations (CSOs) in those countries that are not yet part of the EU.

By the end of the year, four events will be organized within the project in Eastern Serbia by RARIS:

  • A workshop: "The process of Serbia's accession to the EU";
  • A training on EU policies related to CSOs;
  • A conference on "Strengthening the institutional mechanisms between CSOs and other actors in Eastern Serbia";
  • A workshop: Networking and building partnerships between stakeholders from Eastern Serbia and CSOs from the EU.

All these events are not only for civil society organizations, but also for representatives of local authorities and businesses. The events will be organized in different municipalities in the region, so that many participants will be able to participate. Participation in the workshops is free for all interested parties. RARIS is at service to everyone interested for more information.

Press conference on the occasion of the project announcement was held on October 4th, 2016.




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