Public call for the appropriation of regional brand of Eastern Serbia "Balcanica Superior" is published

RARIS published a public call for the appropriation for the regional brand of Eastern Serbia "Balcanica Superior". 

Regional brand of Eastern Serbia "Balcanica Superior" is a trademark that: 
- guarantees buyers certain level of quality branded products or services and that they are originating from eastern Serbia; 
- improve customers brand reputation, visibility and credibility in the market.

For the right to use a regional brand of Eastern Serbia "Balcanica Superior" can apply firms dealing with:
-  accommodation in the tourist industry (hotels, motels, holiday homes, households in rural tourism, mountain lodges ...) 
- preparation and serving food and beverages (restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes, bars ...) 
-  food and beverage production (processing: fruit, vegetables, meat, confectionery, production of wine, brandy, cheese and milk products, etc.) 
-  production of other products that have a distinct regional character (eg. wood products and the like.)

We remind that the name of the regional brand was selected on the prize competition between the 229 proposed names, while the logo / sign, the work of Slovenian design studio "Felician Sedmak doo", was select on the prize competition between 134 designers.

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*Trademark "Balcanica Superior" is registered to the Intellectual Property Office under the number 2018 / 17GB in accordance with Nice classification (International classification of goods and services for the trademark registration).





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