Regional brand "Balcanica Superior" officially received the certificate from the Institute for Intellectual Property


On September the 3, RARIS has officially received the certificate from the Institute for Intellectual Property for the Regional brand "Balcanica Superior". This certificate recognizes the Regional brand as registered guarantee trademark for the period of next 10 years, with the possibility that at the registration, after the expiration of this period, canl be unlimitedly extended. By registering the trademark, RARIS - Regional Development Agency of Eastern Serbia has formally obtained the right to award, the brand through a transparent procedure, as a guarantee stamp to companies that meet precisely defined requirements. The goal of the Regional brand of Eastern Serbia "Balcanica Superior" is to confirm that by purchasing local products and using local services, consumers and tourists contribute to the development of the economy and tourism of eastern Serbia. It also guarantees that products and services have passed the system of certification and that they meet a certain level of quality.

As it was announced in June this year, a public invitation for companies from Eastern Serbia for the right to use the brand has been opened and in the previous period RARIS has received ten applications that meet the defined criteria. The process of evaluation and control of submitted applications is in progress, and the first contracts are expected to be signed by the end of October.

More details can be found on the Regional Brand website:





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