Excellent attendance of Regional tourism web platform "Visit East Serbia" 


With the aim of comprehensive promotion of Eastern Serbia tourist potentials, RARIS established the Regional Tourism web platform "Visit East Serbia". 

How many Eastern Serbian is attractive to visitors and tourists testify more than 10,000 followers "Visit East Serbia" on social networks in less than 4 months. 

East Serbia is the place where you can drink the best wine, where the Roman emperors built the palace and builders taming the Danube, where reality becomes magic; wild, mystical and attractive.

Regional Tourism web platform "Visit East Serbia" was formed with the aim to divide the guests all the best that this region have: delicious food, rich natural and cultural heritage, gathering with music and wine, breathtaking landscape views, hospitality, etc. 

"Visit East Serbia" consists of: 
• Website: www.visiteastserbia.rs 
• Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/visiteastserbia 
• Instagram account https: // www. instagram.com/visiteastserbia 
• YouTube channel http://skr.rs/dUr 

These internet channels presents more than 70 attractions, sights and events in Eastern Serbia. By the end of the year it will be expanded with new content.

RARIS developed Regional Tourism web platform of Eastern Serbia "Visit East Serbia" in cooperation with local tourist organizations in the region. 




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