Join us on the wine road and feel the Soul of the Balkans


Today, the specialized web platform Wine Roads "Soul of the Balkans" started working on

Eight wine routes in eastern Serbia and northwestern Bulgaria are presented in detail on the platform.
On the platform you can learn all about the ways of wine "Soul of the Balkans", you can use free online maps and get to know the main sights and attractions. Here are the best wineries, restaurants, accommodation facilities and much more.

Eastern Serbia is the oldest urban settlement in Europe, here Roman emperors built palaces and modern builders tamed the Danube. Here is a real untouched nature, mountains ready for adventures, spas for relaxation and caves for exploration. Here reality becomes magic.

Hard work, dedication and knowledge are all needed to create a good wine. Wines with character carry the strength of the earth, all the blessings of nature, and their appearance is fascinating and powerful. These wines are created out of love and passion and can only be judged with passion. Such are the wines in eastern Serbia!

The web platform Wine Roads "Soul of the Balkans" was created by RARIS - Regional Agency for Development of Eastern Serbia in cooperation with the cross-border association "Soul of the Balkans".




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