Museums in Eastern Serbia are visited annually by 150.000 tourists


Museums in Eastern Serbia make a significant contribution to the tourist offer of our region, showed the results of the "Analysis of visits to museums and tourists in eastern Serbia in the period 2015-2020", prepared by RARIS in cooperation with museums in Eastern Serbia. The analysis was discussed today at a joint meeting of RARIS and the museum of Eastern Serbia, at which further cooperation was agreed on strengthening the competitiveness of tourism in Eastern Serbia by increasing visibility and better positioning of the cultural heritage of Eastern Serbia.

The number of visitors to museums in Eastern Serbia, in the cities of Bor and Zajecar and the municipalities of Sokobanja, Knjaževac, Boljevac, Negotin, Kladovo and Majdanpek, was analyzed.

Museums in our region were visited by a total of 808,688 visitors in the period 2015-2020.

The number of museum visitors increased in the period 2015 - 2019 (before the Korona pandemic) by 28%, from 135,369 to 173,546 visitors.

The average annual number of museum visitors in our region in the period 2015 - 2019 (excluding 2020, which was not taken into account due to fewer visits due to the CORONE epidemic) is 151,045.

The analysis showed that tourists make up on average about 95% of museum visitors and the local population about 5% of visitors.

The analysis showed that domestic visitors make up on average about 85% of museum visitors and foreigners about 15% of visitors. This means that the museums have been visited by an average of about 20,000 foreigners a year in recent years. The number of visits by foreigners to museums increased 2.4 times in the period from 2015 to 2019 from 13,540 in 2015 to 32,691 in 2019.

Group visits make up on average about 75% of museum visitors and individual visits about 25% of visitors.

The most visited sites are:
- Lepenski Vir with about 45,000 visitors a year
- Felix Romuliana with about 30,000 visitors a year

The most visited museums by average annual visit in the period 2015 - 2019 are:
* Zajecar National Museum (Felix Romuliana, Zajecar Museum and Radul Beg's residence) with about 46,000 visitors a year
* Lepenski Vir, Donji Milanovac, Majdanpek municipality with about 45,000 visitors a year
* Museum of Krajina Negotin (Mokranjčeva kuća, Museum of Hajduk Veljko and Museum of Krajina) with about 35,000 visitors a year.

The analysis was done on the basis of data obtained from the museum and official statistics.

The following museums participated in the analysis:
- National Museum Zajecar
- Museum of the Timok Rebellion in Boljevac
- Sokobanja Homeland Museum
- Knjaževac Homeland Museum
- Bor Mining and Metallurgy Museum
- Majdanpek Museum
- - Archaeological site Lepenski Vir
- Museum of the Krajina in Negotin
- Archaeological Museum of Djerdap in Kladovo

Data from 2015 to 2020 were analyzed. Considering that the year 2020 was marked by the CORONA 19 pandemic, which prevented most museums from operating normally and thus significantly reduced the number of visitors, the average annual values calculated for the period 2015-2019 are in the analysis, they are shown without 2020.





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