RARIS presented Regional investment portal of Eastern Serbia "Invest East Serbia"


RARIS has set up a regional investment portal of Eastern Serbia: "Invest East Serbia".

It presents all the key facts, economic indicators, the largest investors, as well as explained in detail the main advantages of doing business in our region.

Eastern Serbia is the right place to invest for everyone:
• For whom it is not crucial that he is not on the highway and does not want to pay too much for the land and its equipment and wants a location with good roads, where there is still no great competition from foreign investors,
• Who is looking for a place with skilled workers, with a large selection of local suppliers and where the local community will welcome you with open arms and treat you with respect.

Currently, 29 investment projects and opportunities are presented on the Investment Portal.
The investment portal is available in 3 languages: Serbian, English and German.

For more information see www.investeastserbia.com

Preparations are underway for the investment presentation of our region in Belgrade in September. The presentation will be attended by embassies, foreign chambers of commerce, business associations, companies, domestic institutions and all those who deal with investments in any way.





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