Investment potentials of Eastern Serbia successfully presented in Belgrade

In Belgrade, on 09.09.2021, in the big conference hall of the Hotel "M", the investment potentials of Eastern Serbia were successfully presented. The presentation aroused great interest of the business community and gathered more than 70 participants. The presentation was attended by 18 embassies, about twenty foreign companies, as well as several foreign chambers of commerce, bilateral business associations, international organizations, and others dealing with investments.

The advantages of doing business and investing in Eastern Serbia were presented, as well as 32 investment opportunities, projects and locations in Eastern Serbia, such as: industrial zones, PPP projects, environment, food industry, tourism, chemical park, brownfield, spa and wellness, etc.
The presentation was organized by RARIS - Regional Development Agency of East Serbia, together with the municipality of Knjaževac.

You can watch the promotional film about the region "Invest East Serbia" here.

Speakers at the presentation were:
- Radoš Gazdić, acting Director of the Development Agency of Serbia, who presented the investment environment in Serbia;
- Anne-Kristin Piplica, head of the economic department of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, who gave her view of the potentials of Eastern Serbia and presented the support that Germany provides.
- Vladan Jeremic, director of RARIS, who presented 11 main advantages of eastern Serbia
- Milan Đokić, president of the Municipality of Knjaževac, who, on the example of his municipality, presented in detail how the municipality helps investors.

During the presentation, it was emphasized that eastern Serbia is a good place for investments who do not need to be on the highway, do not want to pay too much for the land and communal infrastructure, and who need a location with good roads. The advantages of the Eastern Serbia are also a good choice of local suppliers, skilled workers, the fact that there is still no great competition of foreign investors and good support from local administration.

At the end of the presentation, RARIS's proposal to organize the next meeting in eastern Serbia at the end of October was accepted.

For more information on the investment potential of Eastern Serbia, visit

You can download the presentations of the Investment Potentials of Eastern Serbia with the following links:
Introduction to Eastern Serbia
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