Minister Djerlek visited RARIS


Minister in charge for balanced regional development, Edin Djerlek, held a meeting today in Zajecar with representatives of the Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia - RARIS.

Minister Djerlek pointed out that balanced regional development is key to reducing differences and balancing the development of individual parts of Serbia.
RARIS representatives informed Minister Djerlek in detail about the situation in the region and presented several concrete proposals for activities that will help less developed regions. RARIS particularly emphasized the problem of lack of funds for the preparation of project-technical documentation for inter-municipal and regional projects and proposed the formation of a special Fund within the cabinet of the Minister that would finance the preparation of project-technical documentation for priority projects.

It is expected that the newly formed cabinet of the Minister for uniform regional development will help better coordination, and involvement of all actors in providing assistance to less developed areas and contribute to their development.

Minister Djerlek also visited the National Museum in Zajecar, where he was informed about the plans regarding Felix Romuljana, who is under the protection of UNESCO.





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