Call for investment presentation of tourist locations and projects in Eastern Serbia: April 5, Novi Sad


Are you interested in investments in tourism?

Maybe Eastern Serbia has locations and projects for you or your partners

We invite you to the investment presentation of tourist locations and projects in Eastern Serbia

April 5 at 1 p.m., RPK Novi Sad, blue hall, Narodnog fronta 10, Novi Sad

RARIS - The Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia together with the Regional Chamber of Commerce Novi Sad is pleased to invite you to the investment presentation of tourist locations and projects in Eastern Serbia, which will be held on Wednesday, April 5 in Novi Sad.

The presentation will bring together leading businessmen, consultants, real estate agencies and others interested in investments in tourism from Novi Sad and Vojvodina. We will present the reasons for investing in tourism in Eastern Serbia, as well as about 30 specific locations and projects from tourism, such as: SPA hotel with issued construction permit; a series of locations by the Danube, on Stara planina, Rtnje, Negotin wine cellars, ski resorts Crni Vrh and Sokobanja; an ethnic village in the Timok Valley; hunting houses; zip-line on Djerdap, Gamzigrad spa, hotels on Stara planina, pond on the Danube, camp next to Negotin wineries, etc.

Eastern Serbia consists of the cities of Zajecar and Bor, the municipalities of Majdanpek, Kladovo, Negotin, Knjazevac, Sokobanja and Boljevac. In recent years, Eastern Serbia has been setting records in tourism: 2,900 tourist facilities with 9,000 beds are successfully operating, 300,000 tourists come annually, making over 1.2. million overnight stays and 170,000 tourists visit local museums. Extensive interventions are underway to improve the traffic infrastructure in the region. Lepenski Vir has a new Visitor Center, the reconstruction of the Fetislam fortress has begun, and soon the construction of the Visitor Center on Felix Romuliana (UNESCO) will begin in the communal arrangement of Rajac ine cellars. In the region, there is an increasing offer of locations for greenfield and brownfield investments at more than competitive prices, and there are numerous examples of successful investments, in which more space is sought: hotel Ramonda on Rtanj, hotel Sunce in Sokobanja, apartments on Stara planina and Danube...

You can view the current tourist offer of Eastern Serbia at

This will not only be a presentation of existing locations and projects, but we also want to hear your interests and help you find adequate locations and projects.

After the presentation, we will talk with specialties and wine tasting from the east of Serbia.

Please confirm your participation in the presentation by Monday, April 3 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For all questions, you can contact Dragan Milutinović, phone: 064/8510295




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