Entrepreneurial infrastructure is needed in eastern Serbia

(16. April 2019)

Conference "Opportunities for development of entrepreneurial infrastructure in eastern Serbia" was held today in Zaječar.

The conference brought together 40 representatives of industry, relevant national institutions, local self-governments, business support organizations, development organizations, experts, donor communities, international projects, embassies and other stakeholders.

The aim of the conference was to present the importance and examples of entrepreneurial infrastructure and thus initiate the development of entrepreneurial infrastructure in eastern Serbia.

The conference presented the preconditions for the development of entrepreneurial infrastructure in eastern Serbia, including the analysis of the state of existing entrepreneurial infrastructure and business associations and associations.

The conference was attended by representatives:

  • IPA Development Program of Business Incubators, Ministry of Economy
  • Development Agency of Serbia - DAS
  • USAID Competitive Economy Project
  • FODD HUB - company DESING
  • Technical Faculty Bor
  • Timok Youth Center - Coworking Zajecar

Representatives of RARIS presented examples of good practice from Croatia:

  • Osijek - BIOS Entrepreneurial incubator;
  • Nova Gradiska, Industrial Park + Technology Park;
  • Slavonski Brod - Regional Center for Biotechnological Research and Development;
  • Drenovci - Agricultural entrepreneurial incubator,
  • METRIS - Istria Materials Research Center,

RARIS announced that it has begun the development of an Analysis of the possibilities for the development of entrepreneurial infrastructure in eastern Serbia.

RARIS invites all interested parties to fill out a survey on the needs for improving entrepreneurial infrastructure in eastern Serbia, which will serve for further planning of the project and activities in this field.

The survey for the economy is available at: http://skr.rs/WsU

The Public Sector Survey is available at: http://skr.rs/Wse

A survey for all other interested parties is available at: http://skr.rs/Wsw





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