Kladovo got the Danube.Pearl status


Kladovo has got the Danube.Pearl status at the international conference which was held last week in Austria when the "Network for Sustainable Mobility and Tourism along the Danube - Danube.Pearls" was officially formed with the headquartered in Linz, Austria https://www.danube-pearls.eu/en/ .

Beside the Kladovo, this status is awarded to only 10 destinations on the Danube, from Ulm in Germany to the Danube Delta in Romania. Apart from Kladovo, destinations in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania are also included in the network of sustainable Danube destinations.

Kladovo gained this status because it met the criteria of sustainable mobility standards in tourism. To fulfill these standards and to pass the process of obtaining the status of Danube.Pearl, Kladovo was assisted by RARIS - Regional Development Agency of East Serbia and DCC (Danube Competence Center).

On that occasion, the Certificate on behalf of Kladovo was received by Vladan Jeremić, director of RARIS, and today he handed it over to the Kladovo municipality during the official press conference.

The Danube is a promising and unconventional tourist destination that knows no boundaries. Running 2.888 km from the source to the delta, the Danube is the second longest river in Europe, linking the richness of people, cultures and countries. Each part of the river broadcasts its magical attractions: from impressive natural beauties to architectural witnesses of rich and turbulent past, to charming villages and lively metropolis on the banks of the Danube. Exceptional attractions along the Danube are composing as pearls on a necklace.

The shared vision of the Network for Sustainable Mobility and Tourism along the Danube - Danube.Pearls is to help the development of the Danube Region, which provides socially just, economically viable, environmentally friendly and healthy mobility and tourism for both citizens and the guests of the region through:

  • development of environmentally friendly, low-emission, multimodal and efficient transport systems and sustainable tourism services based on renewable energy sources, energy and resource saving;
  • preservation of natural and cultural heritage and taking into account the sensitive ecosystems of the Danube;
  • supporting sustainable regional development and providing new opportunities for green economy and green jobs in the region.

Throughout the process of obtaining the status of Danube.Pearl, Kladovo had significant assistance of RARIS and DCC as a part of the Transdanube.Pearls project - the Network for Sustainable Transport along the Danube, implemented under the Danube Program, financed by the European Union. The lead partner of the project is Austrian Environmental Protection Agency, with 15 organizations from 9 countries participating. Partners in the project from Serbia are RARIS and DCC. Associated strategic partners from Serbia on the project are: Ministry of Environment, Development Agency of Serbia and municipality of Kladovo. The Transdanube.Pearls project aims to establish sustainable transportation in tourism along the Danube through the development of a sustainable transport network.

The gallery contains photographs from the certificate award ceremony in Austria and from the press conference in Kladovo.




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