Four New Certificates of Regionaln Brand of Eastern Serbia “Balcanica Superior” Awarded


At today's ceremony in the premises of RARIS, 4 new Certificates of the Regional brand of Eastern Serbia "Balcanica Superior" were awarded. The conditions for the right to use the brand were fulfilled by rural households "C'est La Vie" from Rajac and "Jovanovic" from Rogljevo, as well as "Atrium" Apartments and Restaurant "Jezero" from Kladovo.

By fulfilling the criteria, they joined the companies that have already acquired the prestigious status of a certified partner before: “Timomed” - Knjaževac, Vinarija RAJ - Negotin, Adonis – Sokobanja, Vinarija Matalj – Negotin, Hotel “Albo“ - Bor, Restoran “Župan” – Sokobanja, “MDS” – Knjaževac,  Etno selo "Gostoljublje" – Negotin, “SCS Plus”  - Knjaževac, “Frutimo” – Knjaževac.

Regionaln Brand of Eastern Serbia “Balcanica Superior” is a guarantee trade mark which:

  • guarantees to customers that branded product or service is of a certain degree of quality, and that it originates from Eastern Serbia;
  • improves reputation, visibility and credibility of brand users on the market.

The "Balcanica Superior" guarantee mark is registered with the Intellectual Property Office under the number 75306 in accordance with the Nice Classification (International Classification of Goods and Services for the Registration of Trademarks).

By branding the products and services, the region of Eastern Serbia differentiates itself from competing regions, allowing the greater visibility of branded products and services in relation to competition and raising the level of quality of the marked products and services. The legal and natural persons registered with the Business Registers Agency who provide the accommodation and food preparing services, as well as rural tourist households that are registered and operate in accordance with the Law, ie producers from the territories of municipalities and cities of Zajecar, Sokobanja, Knjaževac, Boljevac, Bor, Negotin, Majdanpek and Kladovo can apply for the status of a certified partner.

Public call for companies from Eastern Serbia for obtaining the rights to use the Regional Brand is open and all interested companies from Eastern Serbia can submit their application through the Regional Brand website where all the necessary information can be found.




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