Skills 4 Jobs - About the Project

Project Title

Skills4Jobs -  Improving employment opportunities and social inclusion of marginalized groups, by enhancing business environment in Eastern Serbia

Project partners

RDA Braničevo – Podunavlje and RARIS

Target municipalities

14 municipalities classified as underdeveloped in Branicevski, Podunavski, Borski and Zajecarski Districts: Golubac, Zabari, Zagubica, Knjazevac, Kucevo, Malo Crnice, Petrovac na Mlavi, Boljevac, Velika Plana, Veliko Gradiste, Kladovo, Negotin, Smederevska Palanka, Sokobanja, with particular focus on: Veliko Gradiste and Golubac in Branicevski, Knjazevac in Zajecarski and Negotin in Borski District.

Objectives of the project

Overall objective: 

To contribute to more balanced socio-economic development in Eastern Serbia, through improving employment opportunities and supporting social inclusion of marginalized groups, by enhancing business environment in the Region

Specific objective(s):

  1. Improve competitiveness and sustainability of local businesses in tourism and leisure industry
  2. Improve (self)employment of youth and other marginalized groups
  3. Enhancing business environment in target municipalitiesinama

Direct beneficiaries



1. SMEs operating in tourism & leisure industry sectors from underdeveloped municipalities in Eastern Serbia (min. 20)

2. Unemployed youth, women, population and other vulnerable groups` representatives from underdeveloped municipalities in Eastern Serbia (min. 80)

3. Target local self-governments (min. 4)

Brief description of the project

Building on previous experiences and wide network of local partners, RDA BP & RARIS as the key business support organizations in Eastern Serbia, take multi-sectorial approach in this Project as a proven method for successful socio-economic change. Project promotes social and economic inclusion of youth and other marginalized groups in more favorable local business environments, and in one of the most perspective economic sector in the Region - tourism & leisure industry. Designed solutions address key aspects of the current unfavorable status of youth and other marginalized groups in underdeveloped municipalities – low employability, insufficiently competitive local businesses and local policies lacking in efficiency and effectiveness. Key project activities thus include:

WP1: Support to local businesses in tourism & leisure industry, provision of trainings,

mentoring, promotional campaign at perspective markets of Serbia and Romania;

WP2: Support to youth and other marginalized groups, through provision of various professional trainings in sector of catering and digital marketing, start-up trainings, and first-hand experience ofof functioning of national tourism market;

WP3: Support to LSGs, through guided process of enhancing their local policies in relevant sectors and dissemination of best practices and lessons learned;

Effectiveness of the Project activities and results will be supported by additional set of activities, namely:

WP4: Promotion & Visibility, including organization of 2 conferences and digital and media promotion of the Project.

Estimated results and project achievements

1. at least 20 local businesses in tourism & leisure industry will improve their competitiveness and sustainability, through enhanced operations, position at perspective markets and application of good governance principles;

2. at least 80 youth and other marginalised groups representatives will improve their capacities for employment and self-employment, through participating in professional educational programmes, out of which at least 12 will find jobs with perspective local businesses;


3. 4 target municipalities will enhance their business environments, through improving LSGs` policies and support to employment and social inclusion of youth and marginalised group, as well as local business development.




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