We present to you 15 successful examples of diaspora investments in Eastern Serbia


The significance and potential of the diaspora is well known. Returnees' investments in business are significant not only because of new jobs but also because of the transfer of knowledge and technologies, access to the global market and the network of knowledge and innovation.

In recent years, Eastern Serbia has recorded examples of successful returnees from the diaspora. The Diaspora Business Info - RARIS platform gives you 15 successful examples:

  • Nts food doo (Negotin) - production and sale of apples
  • Primula veris (Jabukovac) - Cultivation of medicinal herbs and production of teas
  • Konak Ljubica (Boljevac) - Accommodation and food services
  • Home for the elderly Topalović (Kladovo) accommodation and care for the elderly
  • Nts systems doo (Negotin) - production of flexible ribbed hoses for electrical installations
  • Nikolić prevoz doo (Samarinovac) - passenger transport
  • Appletown (Jabukovac) production of teas and essential oils
  • Allen (Kladovo) production of metal structures and parts
  • Aluminex Euroline doo (Kobišnica), production and services - aluminum and PVC joinery
  • Spajić doo (Negotin) - production of steel fibers, steel shot and machines
  • Nts elektro doo (Negotin) - design and development of plans for electrical installations
  • Doo Mid - Marinović (Kladovo) - production of cubes and plastic products
  • Reggina (Jabukovac) - production and sale of socks
  • Winery Mikić (Rečka) - production and sale of wine
  • DNK computers doo (Zajecar) - introduction of computer, IT and optical networks.

The Diaspora Business Info - RARIS platform was created by the Regional Agency for Development of Eastern Serbia - RARIS. On it you can find useful information on how to start your own business, what you need to know before starting a business, examples of successful investments as well as business conditions in Serbia.

More detailed information on examples of good practice can be found at: https://www.raris.org/primeri-dobre-prakse


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