SME Support – SSS – A standardized set of services for SMEs

RARIS - Accredited regional development agency implement a standardized set of services, consisting of five groups of services: information, trainings, consultancy, promotion and mentoring.

The overall objective is to support balanced regional development by improving the availability, scope and quality of support services for the sector of small and medium sized enterprises and entrepreneurship, co-operatives.

The set of services is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises, potential and existing entrepreneurs, cooperatives, local self-governments.


RARIS provide information related to:

  1. Starting a business
  2. national programmes for SMEs support with instructions for submitting an application
  3. available sources of funding (domestic and foreign) for SMEs
  4. legal regulations and liabilities, taxes and fees
  5. information obtained through the "Enterprise Europe Network" Programme (EEN) - conditions for export to foreign markets, technical rules and technical standards, transfer of technologies and knowledge, etc;
  6. Merging SMEs - establishing and operation of clusters, associations and cooperatives
  7. innovations, intellectual property protection
  8. quality standards
  9. creating business partnerships
  10. specialized services - referral to specialized service providers;
  11. Information about business and innovative incubators;
  12. EU programme for the Competitiveness of SME (COSME)
  13. other information relevant for operations of the SME sector


RARIS organize and participate in promotional activities relating to the promotion of entrepreneurship and various support programs for SMEs .
Promotional activities include organizing events and workshops, information days or another public meetings.


RARIS organize the following trainings:

  1. How to start your own business - start up package (lasts two days);
  2. preparing a business plan and dealing with the banks (lasts two days);
  3. financial management (lasts two days);
  4. export - for those who export for the first time  (lasts two days);
  5. marketing and sales (lasts two days)

RARIS also organize the following optional trainings:

  1. Review of the quality standards and environmental protection (lasts two days);
  2. innovations-introduction (lasts one day)
  3. preparation for the single European market (lasts one day);
  4. Information Technologies and Business (lasts one day).
  5. e-business (lasts one day).

Advisory services

Advisory services provided by RARIS are:

  1. Support to development of a business plan for applying for start-up loans by Development Fund of the Republic of Serbia, and for subsidies for self-employment by the National Employment Service;
  2. Support to development of a business plan for applying for other loans by Development Fund of the Republic of Serbia;
  3. Support to preparation of supporting documents and application forms for entrepreneurship support programs implemented by the Ministry of Economy and Development Agency;
  4. Support to registration and establishmemt of a business entity or cooperative ;


Mentoring is a universal and relatively long process of support to enterprises that find themselves in a crucial moment for development or existence.

It represents mutual work of mentors and enterprises/entrepreneurs with the aim of overcoming the present situation and finding the best solutions for future business. Through this approach, an enterprise is able to receive equal, temporally arranged, continuous support, for the purpose of achieving the best possible results. The Japanese experience in mentoring practice has shown that the effects of this kind of consulting are far greater than occasional and short-term advice.




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